Fully Auto Coagulation Analyzer

Technical Specifications:


Mechanical method (clotting): PT, APTT, TT, FIB…etc.

These interferences may be  eliminated including hemolysis, icterus, lipemia / turbidity and air bubble

Optical method (chromogenic, immunoturbidimetry): D-dimer…etc.

Reagent Position

24 (Cooling) + 4 (RT) reagent positions

Sample Position

Unique tube racks simplify samples loading, 80 positions, random access

STAT can also add in any sample position.


PT: Up to 300 test/h, PT/APTT: 110 test/h, D-dimer: 100 test/h

Automatic Cuvette Loading

1,000 cuvettes with steel beads inside, continuous loading automatically


Built-in barcode scanner

Coagulation Reagents

They are ready for use, long stability and shelf life

Sampling System

Individual reagent and sample probe

Both probe equipped with liquid-level detection function and collision protection in vertical direction

Reagent probe equipped with heating function

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