Fully Auto Coagulation Analyzer


Technical Specifications:


Mechanical method (clotting): PT, APTT, TT, FIB…etc.

These interferences may be  eliminated including hemolysis, icterus, lipemia / turbidity and air bubble.

Optical method (chromogenic, immunoturbidimetry): D-dimer…etc.

Reagent Position

10 (Cooling) + 1 (RT) reagent positions

Sample Position

61 positions (Drawer), random access

STAT can also add in any sample position


PT: Up to 200 test/h, PT/APTT: 81 test/h, D-dimer: 60 test/h

Automatic Cuvette Loading

1,000 cuvettes with steel beads inside, continuous loading automatically


Handheld barcode scanner

Coagulation Reagents

They are ready for use, long stability and shelf life

Sampling System

Individual reagent and sample probe

Both probe equipped with liquid-level detection function and collision protection in vertical direction

Reagent probe equipped with heating function

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