Chemistry and Immunoassay Integrated System

BS-2000 Chemistry Module

Powerful SPL Sample Distribution Module

  • High throughput of 480 tests/hour, first result in 17 minutes
  • 36 reagents positions with continuously loading/offloading
  • Uniquely designed buffer disk to reduce cuvette jam
  • Fully automated maintenance, lighten the workload
  • Precise 4-phase magnetic separation
  • Constant test speed of 2000T/H
  • 140 reagent positions with continuously loading/offloading
  • Refrigerated sample carousel, 140 sample system
  • Complete traceability detecting system
  • Patented double-layer & basket delivery design, up to 600 sample positions
  • Continuously loading of single or multiple samples
  • Independent STAT lane, 32s quick response
  • Intelligent samples distribution for maximum module efficiency

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