Chemistry and Immunoassay Integrated System

BS-800 Chemistry Module

SPL 1000 Sample Processing System

  • Up to 240T/H
  • 36 reagent onboard positions
  • Long walk-away time
  • Non-stop loading of reagents and consumables
  • 70 parameters available so far
  • Photometric 800T/H for routine chemistry, up to 1,200 T/H with ISE
  • 120 reagent positions and 140 reagent positions by carousel
  • HbA1c onboard auto-hemolysis
  • Intelligent real-time monitoring system
  • Complete traceability detecting system
  • Uniquely designed rack delivery mechanism with manipulator assembly
  • Random access and efficient sample racks distribution
  • Quick response for STAT, Auto-rerun and Reflex tests

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