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Chemistry Controls

Liquid Assayed Multiqual

Liquid Unassayed Multiqual

Liquichek Lipids Control

Liquichek Pediatric Control

Liquichek Urine Chemistry Control

Immunoassay Controls

Liquichek Immunoassay Plus Control

Lyphochek Immunoassay Plus Control

Liquichek Specialty Immunoassay Control

Liquichek Maternal Serum II Control

Liquichek Tumor Marker Control

Diabetes/Hemoglobin Controls

Liquichek Diabetes Control

Lyphochek Diabetes Control

Lyphochek Hemoglobin A2 Control


Coagulation Controls

Lyphochek Coagulation Control

Lyphochek Hemostasis Control

Liquichek D-dimer Control

Cardiac Assessment Controls

Liquichek Cardiac Marker Plus Control LT

Blood Gas Controls

Liquichek Blood Gas Control

Liquichek Blood Gas Plus E Control

Liquichek Blood Gas Plus EGL Control


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